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Experts have developed a wrist strap that can currently illuminate an LED from body heat.

The wrist strap generates electricity using the Thermo Electric Generator (TEG) principle. In the future, the same technology will power smartwatches and wearable devices, and the need for batteries may be eliminated.

It was invented by Professor Chian Zheng and his colleagues at the Harbin Institute of Technology in China. Chian says the invention will help solve battery and power problems. It should be noted that Qian Zheng has been working on TEG technology for 15 consecutive years.
Although TEGs are very hard and solid, Chian says he made a strip of magnesium and bismuth from polyurethane and made all the electrodes flexible. In this way, the entire strap has become soft and flexible and can be worn around the human wrist.

The principle of TEG is very simple, ie such devices generate electricity by changing the temperature in two places. Similarly, the strip generates electricity from the difference between body temperature and room temperature. This strip generates 20 microwatts of electricity per square centimeter in optimal condition. This amount of electricity is enough to light an LED.

The bandage was opened and closed 10,000 times on a human hand, but it was not damaged or affected. The wearers also did not mention any confusion or discomfort but if the thickness of the TEG strip is increased, it can also increase the amount of electricity.

Experts say that the next step will be to consider further enhancing the usefulness of this technology.

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