Thousands of Indians infected with black fungus had their eyes gouged out

Deadly ‘black mold’ attack on Corona victims in India

In the year before Corona, there were three or four cases of this disease, but now 6 people are suffering from this deadly disease every day. In Rajasthan alone, 1,500 cases have been reported, most of them under the age of 20.

According to Indian media, the black fungus is affecting thousands of patients suffering from corona and recovering from it, while there is no effective treatment for this deadly disease and to prevent the disease from spreading to the brain due to lack of medicines. The eyelids and pupils of thousands of patients have been removed.

Hospitals in many Indian states are overcrowded with black fungus patients, while 60% of patients with the disease have had one or two eyes removed. Due to the presence of 100 patients with the infectious disease Mycorrhiza Mycosis in the hospitals of Rajasthan, the black fungus has been declared an epidemic under the Outbreaks Act 2020.

It should be noted that this infection, which is commonly called ‘black fungus’, is called ‘mycobacterium tuberculosis’ in the language of medical science, which is very rare under normal circumstances but kills 54% of its victims. In this infection, fungi belonging to the genus Myocorrhiasis take root in the human brain, lungs or nose / throat and begin to grow.
It should be noted that the number of people infected with black fungus / mycorrhiza mycosis has also increased dramatically due to the Corona epidemic. The main cause of the spread of black fungus infection in India is steroid hormones which are being used as an emergency to reduce the pain in patients suffering from severe corona.

According to medical experts, black fungus has been the leading cause of death in hundreds of people who have recovered from the corona virus over the past month, or have lost limbs and become disabled after a dangerous operation. ۔

In India, the disease first targeted patients recovering from corona, but now the disease is spreading rapidly to other people.

Symptoms of black fungus include darkening or discoloration of the nose, blurred or dull appearance, chest pain, difficulty breathing, and coughing up blood.

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