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Turkish Consul General Telga Achak has said that Turkey is keen to increase cooperation with Pakistan in the field of technology and practical training.

Addressing a meeting at the Korangi Association of Trade and Industry (KATI), he said that Turkey was working to expand the supply of machinery to Pakistani industries as well as technical training and educational projects in Pakistan. He said that for the promotion of bilateral trade, better banking channels between Turkish banks and the two countries are also necessary in Pakistan.

On the occasion, Kati President Saleem Alzaman while briefing about the economic importance and productivity of the Korangi Industrial Area said that many Turkish companies are working successfully in Pakistan but there is a lot of scope for joint investment and increase in trade volume. Pakistan and Turkey have cordial relations and can set many milestones in the economic field of both countries.
Rashid Siddiqui, head of Kati’s Standing Committee on Diplomatic Affairs, said that Turkey has made tremendous progress in the field of technology and there is a lot of potential for enhancing cooperation with Pakistan in this field. He said that the establishment of the Turkish Commercial Consulate in Pakistan could lead to rapid improvement in trade relations. Massoud Naqi said that he welcomes Turkey’s training projects in the technical field and is ready to cooperate in it.

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