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After a reservoir dried up in Summit County, USA, traces of a city were discovered that people had emptied long before it became a lake.

Utah’s Rockport State Park has a large reservoir. After years of drought, its water receded to 26 percent, but many years later, traces of the ancient city of Rockport, known as Ghost Town, appeared as people gradually began to move. Was

Ruined remains of old houses have been found here and the foundations of some buildings and houses have also been seen. However, the dominant area is smooth and spot on. An inspection revealed traces of a large area that is at least 70 years old.

Rockport, located in Utah State Park, was founded in 1860. Where 200 families used to laugh and rejoice. However, when plans were made to build a dam there, the entire population had moved there since the 1950s. They used the water of a large natural lake-like lake and also sailed here in the summer.

Then slowly this area started drying up and the full name of this area was ‘Echo’. However, it was later flooded again and is now drying up again due to climate change. Attempts have been made to fill this gap in many ways. People from the surrounding area brought water from their own resources, but the pond is now drying up rapidly, leaving only a quarter of the water. Since then, traces of an abandoned settlement have appeared here.

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