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The social networking site Facebook has begun work on an artificial intelligence project to review and monetize users’ public videos.

According to the World News Agency, Facebook is now tailoring its programming to users’ public videos, for which work has begun on an artificial facial project that can understand the videos and use them in a variety of ways. Is capable of

In this regard, the fee management says that training the machines so that they can watch the videos completely like a human being is a difficult task but with the help of modern technology this is no longer possible.
Access to video data related to artificial facial technology is one of the biggest competitive advantages that companies like Facebook, Google, and Amazon have been able to advance in various fields by collecting data on millions of users.

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Following the decision to monetize Facebook videos, it was decided to address issues such as data and copyrights of public videos in hundreds of languages ​​from around the world using artificial facial technology.

Facebook claims that our artificial facial system will not only improve these issues but also adapt to the fast-moving world, while also helping to recognize the subtleties and ideological gestures of different cultures and regions.

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