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The Pakistan Information Commission (PIC) has issued an interim order directing the Ministry of Privatization to conduct a formal inquiry into the KESC’s request for disclosure of privatization details.

A hearing was held in Pakistan Information Commission Islamabad at the request of Tariq Mansoor Advocate. The Pakistan Information Commission has issued an interim order of action. Expressing anger over the disappearance of privatization documents, PIC sought an explanation from the Secretary, Ministry of Privatization. The PIC directed the privatization ministry to conduct a formal inquiry.

The PIC has asked in the interim order to state how the KESC privatization record disappeared. Who is involved in the disappearance of privatization documents? The commission has called for an inquiry report against the responsible officials by March 25.
The written order states that if the record is missing, it should be restored. The commission has also directed all federal agencies to compile records.

The privatization ministry replied that the record was not available, the order said. The Commission has asked the Observation whether the KESC privatization record was deliberately destroyed. The disappearance of KESC privatization record is a criminal act.

The hearing was conducted by a three-member bench headed by Chief Information Commissioner Muhammad Azam. The members included Fawad Malik and Zahid Abdullah. Tariq Mansoor Advocate has approached the commission to get the privatization documents.

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