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: In the context of the epidemic, on the one hand, there is an emphasis on disinfecting smartphones, and on the other hand, on the other hand, charging the smartphone itself has become a problem. The solution is now presented in the form of a smart casing that keeps the phone safe, protected from other germs and viruses, including Corona, and has a charging bank.

This important invention on crowdfunding has been developed by young scientists in Delaware, USA, who are still in the production stages. It looks like a normal phone case but its outer layer is made of disinfectant material. Now when you open it, the phone is placed inside on one side and there are ultraviolet LED lights on the other side that can disinfect the phone. Behind the lights is the entire circuit of a powerful power bank.

We know that smartphones get very polluted because they are in our hands. Some experts even compare them to a commode set in the toilet. One study found that smartphones could contain more than 25,000 germs per square inch.
By placing it in this casing, 99% of germs can be eliminated from the phone. The powerful bank also serves as an extra battery. However, it is currently only designed for the iPhone. It has an introductory price of 59 59.

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