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Sao Paulo, Brazil: Nicole Oliveira, an eight-year-old girl from Brazil, started spreading her arms to fill the stars in her arms as soon as she walked. He is now the youngest but most uneducated astronomer in the world.

Nicole is currently researching the search for planets from a NASA-affiliated program. She also attends scientific conferences around the world and discusses with leading experts and scientists.

His room is full of pictures of stars and planets, including the solar system. There are models of spacecraft and rockets here and there, while on two big screens they keep looking at pictures of stars and planets. NASA’s project has been dubbed ‘Asteroid Hunter’. It gives teens and children the opportunity to discover space objects.

But surprisingly, so far they have discovered 18 planets which is an extraordinary endeavor at this age. He is named after his parents, family and famous Brazilian scientists. NASA has given them a certificate for each discovery. At the same time, she has broken the record of 18-year-old Luigi Cinino of Italy in the discovery of asteroids.

Haley Marzio Rodriguez, who teaches astronomy to Nicole, says the girl’s eyesight is so sharp that she can quickly recognize asteroids and help others. Due to the scholarship, she is studying in a famous school in Brazil where amateur education in astronomy is also given.

At the age of four, Nicole ordered binoculars and cried and carried the whole house on her head. Then his parents found out that he was crazy about the heavens. She has now met with Brazil’s science and education ministers and wants to become an aerospace engineer in the future. She loves to build rockets and wants to work at NASA.

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