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In San Francisco: NASA says that on Sunday, March 21, a 915-meter-diameter asteroid will travel 2 million kilometers from Earth.

According to the International News Agency, the asteroid “2001 FO32” will pass close to the Earth on Sunday, which will be closely watched by astronauts. It will be the largest asteroid of the year that will pass just 2 million kilometers from Earth.

Top NASA officials have claimed that 95 percent of the planets equal to the size of 20 or larger have been listed and none of them are likely to collide with the Earth until the next century.
NASA officials say the satellite will travel at a speed of 124,000 kilometers per hour, which is higher than the normal speed of asteroids passing close to Earth. The planet was discovered 20 years ago.

On the other hand, Paul Choudz, director of the Institute for the Study of Near-Earth Space Components, says that when it passes, it will look brighter than all the elements in the sky. Although the distance between the Earth and the planet will be greater, it can be considered dangerous.

NASA’s Lance Banner said that passing so close will allow us to learn more about the planet from the reflection of the sun’s rays from the surface of the planet, because at the moment we have very little information about it. Are

Explaining this further, the NASA scientist further said that when the sun’s rays hit the surface, the minerals in the rocks absorb the light and reflect it, and the study of the reflected light reveals the chemicals in the minerals. Can be traced.

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