Saudi Arabia Ministry Of Health And Minstry Of Interior Joint Press Conference Today

: Facebook offers the option to block comments or comments from a wanted person on your post, meaning that the post itself can be partially reprimanded or ridiculed.

Athletes and other celebrities on Facebook drew attention to this because everyone opened their mouths and comments on their posts based on color, race and other prejudices. Facebook has now launched an important tool on its platform to curb hate speech based on hatred and race.

According to the company, this tool allows people to select a post for all people, specific individuals or groups. In this way, they will be able to see this post and certain people will also be prevented from commenting on public posts. This feature has already been introduced on another Facebook platform, Instagram.
“By giving people more control over public posts, we hope they will be able to use their content to prevent unnecessary interference,” Facebook said in a statement.

Facebook added that if you are associated with a public figure, a creator or a brand, you can also limit the number of people who comment. This will increase your security and allow you to start meaningful conversations in the community.

It should be noted that British football players were facing similar problems on Facebook and they were moving away from this platform. However, many players said that Facebook had failed to stop racist comments on their posts. Only then has Facebook taken this step.

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