Saudi Arabia lifted the ban |After a long time everyone breathed a sigh of relief

The service of flying taxis has started on a very limited scale in different countries of the world and it is expected that the number of flying taxis will increase in the future.

In view of this potential situation, a UK start-up, Urban Airport, in collaboration with Hyundai’s Urban Air Mobility Division, has started work on an airport in the heart of the city and Where only flying taxis will be able to take off and land.

Airports for flying taxis are also called “very ports” that will not only be much smaller than conventional airports but will also be able to be built in the same space as a typical football field or on the roof of a large building. ۔
Hyundai and Urban Airport are expected to open the UK’s first vertebrate airport in 2022.

The port in Coventry, UK, has been chosen for this vertebrate port from where flying taxis will be able to take off and land.

Most of these flying taxis will have batteries installed, so large battery chargers will also be installed at the port.

It should be noted that flying cars and taxis are like a helicopter, ie they rise in the air and land on the ground. That means they don’t need a runway.

If the technology of flying vehicles becomes commonplace, many new facilities will be created in public transport which can only be imagined today.

Vertiport will be a unique test of its kind in this field.

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