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YouTube offers an interesting analysis that says that when creating videos and short clips, the host plays certain introductory words or words of welcome in both the background or foreground. YouTube has created a chart of the most spoken words in this regard.

YouTuber says introductory words or welcome words are very important. YouTubers use very thoughtful phrases that later become their identity and brand, but surprisingly, one of the most commonly used phrases is Hey Guys.

One million video clips have been reviewed in the latest YouTube reports. All of these clips are from the very popular YouTuber and are categorized according to the use of the initial sentences spoken in them. In 36% of these videos, the word “guys” is used.
WhatsApp is the second most used word. The words of WhatsApp have been seen more in the health and fitness channels while the travel and entertainment channels have been seen emphasizing the words ‘Good Morning’. Perhaps they point to the beginning and possibilities of life from Good Morning.

Also, Hi Guys, All Right, Hay Every One, Hello Every One, Ladies and Gentlemen and other words are YouTube’s favorite phrases.

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