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Auto bushes that burn valuable crops are extremely harmful to them. Finding and cleaning them manually is a time consuming and difficult task. That’s why a robot has been created that can uproot 100,000 herbs and bushes in just one hour.

A company called Carbon Robotics has developed this automated machine that, with the help of high quality computer vision and powerful lasers, can carefully clean crops and clear thousands to 100,000 bushes per hour, providing an effective weed control.

It is impossible to remove weeds and weeds from the field manually, while pesticides can damage the original grain and increase costs. Now a robot can do this job better.

This four-wheeled robot works with the help of GPS, computer vision and laser. It is equipped with high quality cameras and with the help of cloud supercomputer the harmful plants are identified in the pictures. This is followed by eight machines of 150 watts per person on the robot that consume one lakh herbs in an hour.

This robot can work on diesel 24 hours a day and clean 15 to 20 acres of land in a day. Thanks to its technology, it does not spoil the precious soil around it and also increases the yield per acre keeping in view its microbiology.

This masterpiece of AI and other technologies has been helping farmers since 2018, but now modern technology has been added to it.

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