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One hour of extra sleep a night can reduce the risk of coronary heart disease by 12%, according to a new study.

A recent study published in the medical journal BMJ Nutrition, Prevention and Health has revealed new developments in research on corona. The study included more than 2,800 front-line health workers who have been suffering from corona since the onset of the epidemic.

The study found that healthcare workers who were given an extra hour to sleep at night had a 12% lower risk of contracting code 19, while those who failed to get a good night’s sleep became infected with the virus. The risks increased.
Dr. Steven Holfinger, a sleep medicine specialist at Ohio State University’s Vaccinar Medical Center, says that lack of sleep can lead to many problems in the human body, which is why code 19 in health workers. I have an increased risk of getting it, but more research is needed to prove it.

A similar study was published last year in the US National Library of Science, which looked at the corona virus from a Chinese perspective and concluded that people with corona who had contracted it He did not get enough sleep a week before he contracted the disease. The virus caused a lot of damage to his body.

According to researchers, the hormone ‘melatonin’, which plays an important role in the sleep and waking cycle in the human body, may also be involved in breaking down the code 19 virus because a good night’s sleep helps the human body’s immune system Plays an important role in strengthening.

Our body secretes a protein called cytokines that fight infection, which helps us sleep, and a good night’s sleep not only improves our immune system but also our quality of life. However, further progress is being made in this research.

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