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A Dutch company has developed an eco-friendly mask from rice paper that not only dissolves on its own after a short period of use, but can also be buried in the ground and flowering plants can be grown because of the tiny roots of native plants in its layers. Badges are given.

It should be noted that besides rice, many other plants are also used to make “rice paper” which has been used in food wrapping in East Asia for many centuries.

The idea for an environmentally friendly and biodegradable mask came to Marian de Groot, a Dutch designer, last year when he saw scattered used face masks used by people in the Code 19 global epidemic. That’s how it was thrown.
The face masks used today are becoming a new problem in environmental pollution and various ways are being devised to get rid of them.

According to reports, Marian de Groot has designed this mask for her company “Ponce Ontorp” which has been named “Marie B. Bloom”.

To make it, different layers of rice paper are joined together with glue made from potato starch.

During the preparation, small seeds of a flowering plant called “Dutch Meadow” are also pressed between these layers.

Therefore, after use, if this mask is buried in the ground under proper conditions, not only will it dissolve and disappear automatically, but also sprouts will emerge from the seeds which will turn into flowering plants after proper care. Will

Currently the mask is only available in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. However, the company says that it will soon start selling it in others.

By the way, the company that makes it claims that this mask is also safe, but there is no research that proves that this mask is free from allergies and completely safe for health.

Despite all this, “Marie B. Bloom” can definitely be called a better and more environmentally friendly mask because it may or may not have something else, but at least it will not increase pollution.

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