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You may have seen the up and down arrow marks along with the comments on many websites. These are called up and down voting of comments. Now Facebook is working on the same option for different groups.

In this way, the opinions of the people involved in the ongoing discussion on a group can be voted up or down and the comments can be made meaningful.

Facebook worked on it in November 2020 and is now testing it again, thus helping to make one’s opinion valuable or unimportant. For the first time, social media expert Johannes Van Zyl has pointed this out in his blog. But it is not known when this option will be offered and how long the internal trial will last.
Some analysts have identified him with Facebook’s new icon. It can be said that comments on a post like this can be described as ‘useful’ and ‘informative’ or it can also help in making it unimportant. However, the option of up and down comments already exists on the Facebook workplace. Earlier in 2018, instead of Facebook group, the facility of up and down voting was also tested on the posts of individual users.

Although Facebook has abandoned it, the company’s interest in this option again shows that Facebook wants to use this option as a comment moderation. However, Facebook did not provide further details.

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