Public Relation Officer Jobs in Dubai

Public Relation Officer Jobs in Dubai


PRO (Public Relation Officer) jobs are now days very interesting and high paying jobs in Dubai.  If you are an extrovert person and not an introvert person and you love to meet people and you want to make new friends and business relations, then this job is perfect for you.  PRO, when appointed in any organization, is expected to do all immigration and labor department related tasks along with other governmental and nongovernmental bodies’ related task.

Job Specifications:

For starting a job as PRO in Dubai, You need to be perfect in departments below:

  1. Bachelor degree or any National Diploma Holder
  2. Having full information about Immigration, Labor Departments, and other legal procedures regarding employee hiring, visa processing, Emirates ID related issues, Medical tests, insurance related issues and conventional methods which are in practice in UAE
  3. Computer literate. If you are having a computer-related diploma, then your chances to be selected are high.

Job Description:

  1. PRO is responsible for all procedures for registering a company
  2. He is responsible for applying for quotas when applying for new visas
  3. He is also responsible for processing visa during all stages from start to finish
  4. He is supposed to undertake marketing research
  5. Watching press releases, talking to media about company’s strategies
  6. Devising plans and promotional strategies
  7. Attending parties, events, workshops, and gatherings on behalf of company and presenting and securing bright image of organization
  8. Speaking at various occasions e.g. TV shows, Press clubs, Online webinars etc on prevailing issues of organization

Job details

Job Location:Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi, Fujairah
Job Industry:All businesses require PRO related Services
Job Role:PRO Plus Typist
Skills Required:Excellent Communication Skills
 IT Skills, Computer related skills
 Human Skills
 Taking initiative
 Awareness about 360-degree business affairs


Career Tips:

Try to observe and analyze all business situations and procedures that how a work is completed through different departments.

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