Pink contact lenses that correct colorblindness

People with color blindness sometimes see the sky as brown or the grass as gray. But to address this shortcoming, pink contact lenses have now been developed that can correct a variety of colorblindness.

Although wearing glasses of a certain color can reduce this condition, it does not correct blurred vision in any way. Colored lenses, on the other hand, can only correct red color blindness. Now UAE and British experts have developed contact lenses made of gold nanoparticles which are light pink in color.

According to a report in the journal ACS Nano, the lens was developed by Ahmed Saleh of Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi and his colleagues at a British university. Worldwide, 8% of men and 0.5% of women have congenital color blindness.
Most people with this disease suffer from a condition in which they do not recognize the colors red and green. To address this shortcoming, Ahmed Saleh and Hyderbut have developed lenses based on the finest nanoparticles of gold that filter light and correct certain colors to reach vision. These lenses have long been used to make stained glass.

For this, nanoparticles up to 40 nanometers have been uniformly incorporated into the hydrogel-filled polymer, making the lenses look light pink. They filter light from 520 to 580 nanometers. There is no harm in wearing them. In the next step, they will be applied to patients and analyzed.

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