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The European Union has enacted legislation to ban the use of artificial intelligence. Under it, artificial intelligence algorithms that change facial recognition and human behavior for monitoring will be banned.

According to a report by the British News Agency, the proposed laws, which have a wide range of leaks from official publications in the European Union, pledge to make artificial intelligence (artificial intelligence) a high risk. This includes the police and the algorithms used in their recruitment (the process of calculation or its rules, especially the solution of problems through computers).

Melissa Hekela, a British journalist covering technology, also tweeted about the European Commission’s leaked rules, saying the commission wanted to ban the use of high-risk artificial intelligence in Europe.

The EU’s proposals have been described by technologists as vague and flawed. Under these proposed EU laws, artificial intelligence used in systems to ensure the safety of the military and civilians will be exempt.

Proposed laws prohibit the use or design of artificial intelligence to influence public opinion, decisions and human behavior, change the opinion of an individual and prohibit the use of artificial intelligence systems in general for non-discriminatory monitoring. Will

The leaked 80-page EU rules have sparked a new debate on Twitter. European policy analyst Daniel Laffer tweeted: “How can we determine if something is wrong? Or who will test it?

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