Pakistanis returning from Saudi Arabia got into big trouble|

The spread of the corona epidemic in the United States is declining and life is returning to normal, but suddenly another virus has frightened Americans.

According to the international news agency, the virus “Monkey Pox” which caused a dangerous disease, has made its presence felt in the United States again after 2003. The virus has been detected in a Dallas citizen from Nigeria.

A Dallas resident was hospitalized with a rash, cough, runny nose, and swelling under the armpits. Due to these symptoms, the patient underwent medical tests which confirmed that the patient was suffering from monkey pox.
The man flew from Lagos, Nigeria, to Atlanta and then to Dallas, where he contracted the virus in Nigeria. The virus is not highly contagious or deadly, but it has frightened Americans trying to cope with the Corona epidemic.

Other passengers on the plane were protected from “monkeypox” by wearing masks. Initially, it was transmitted from mice and monkeys to humans and then from humans to humans, but now it has come to the fore a decade later.

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