Pakistani cod vaccine developed under the name ‘Pak Week’

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan has developed Pakistan’s first vaccine called ‘Pak Week’ which is effective against corona virus. The vaccine has been developed with the help of Chinese company Ken Sinobio. In this regard, all standards of vaccine manufacturing have been strictly adhered to and quality control has been maintained.

Vaccine development locally will help Pakistan overcome its dependence on other countries to control code 19.

Vaccination is underway across the country following a vaccine donated by China in February this year. In this regard, first the health related doctors and other staff were vaccinated, after which the senior citizens and now more than 300 middle-aged Pakistanis are being vaccinated. According to conservative estimates, 5 million people in the country have been vaccinated so far.
“The leadership of the NIH (National Institutes of Health) in Waras deserves congratulations for developing the Cane Cyano Vaccine with the help of Cane Cyano Bio Inc., China,” said the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Health. Dr. Faisal Sultan said in his tweet.

According to Dr. Faisal, the vaccine has passed all the strict standards and testing steps, which is also an important milestone in the continuous supply of the vaccine supply line.

According to a health ministry official, under the technology transfer agreement, the NIH will produce 3 million doses of the vaccine every month. The first batch will be available by the end of this month.

In this regard, special training has been provided to the experts who will prepare a consignment of the cyano vaccine at the NIH plant.

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