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In the UK, a nasal spray based on Code 19 has been developed and is now approved for use.

Scientists have dubbed it the Focus Well, which protects people who fall into the clutches of Code 19 easily. It has been tested on 600 healthy medical workers in India who were helping patients with coronavirus. After spraying once in both nostrils, it protects against a virus attack for up to eight hours.

It was developed by Rakesh Opel, a British surgeon and head of startups. He called his invention a milestone, saying that although the vaccine is the most effective protection against the epidemic. However, he described nasal sprays as important as protective clothing.
It was tested on 600 medical personnel in India treating patients infected with the coronavirus. Preliminary experiments revealed that the effect of a spray lasts for eight hours and the effectiveness of the spray was 66%, ie 66% of people were protected from the corona epidemic. It should be noted that some people were given original and some were given water-filled spray.

Angela Russell, a professor at Oxford University, has described nasal spray as an important invention. Although she was not part of the research and invention, she said the spray could put the world back on its feet.

According to Dr. Rakesh, this small spray can be kept in your bag and is very easy to use several times a day. According to him, the most powerful ingredients in the spray destroy the Code 19 virus in just 30 seconds and remain inside the nose for several hours.


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