Office Boy Jobs in Dubai

Job Title: Office Boy Job In Dubai. United Arab Emirates.

Job Location: Business Bay, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Company Name: Clean Way Management Services LLC.

Gender: Male & Female. Both can apply easily.

Overtime: No

Skills Required: Managing skill and serving skill required.

Education Require: Minimum Secondary level.

More Facilities: Visa, accommodation and one time food provided by company.

Required Language: English, Arabic, Hindi.

Salary: 1,400 AED to 1,800 AED / per Month.

Work type: Single Shift

Diploma/Certificate Required: No.

Job Type: Permanent.

Hiring type: Urgent.

Required Experience: Three month restaurant experience required.

Vacancies: 01

Job Description:  Office Boy Job in Dubai is most rear job in Dubai. Everyone wants to come Dubai and join indoor duties like office boy, store keeper and salesman. Due to Dubai’s hot whether many people come to Dubai but after short time they go to home. Mostly people leave UAE due to because the is struggle for finding desired job. If you have good education means you have master degree in any subject and at least two years experience in that field you can get best and high paid job in Dubai. But if you have normal or even high education with no experience you will not get any job in Dubai or any state of United Arab Emirates. In starting you need to struggle in Dubai but one time if you get succeed you will get luxury jobs. So don’t miss this unique chance and submit your CV now.

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Office Boy Jobs responsibility:

Office boy jobs typically involve performing a variety of tasks and responsibilities to support the smooth functioning of an office or workplace. Some common duties and responsibilities of office boys may include:

  1. Running errands: Office boys may be responsible for running errands such as delivering documents or packages, purchasing office supplies, and picking up lunch orders.
  2. Cleaning and organizing the office: Office boys may be responsible for cleaning and organizing the office or workplace, including dusting, sweeping, and mopping floors, and keeping the office kitchen and restrooms clean and tidy.
  3. Assisting with administrative tasks: Office boys may assist with administrative tasks such as answering phones, greeting clients, and managing incoming and outgoing mail.
  4. Setting up and maintaining office equipment: Office boys may be responsible for setting up and maintaining office equipment such as printers, photocopiers, and computers.
  5. Supporting office staff: Office boys may be responsible for supporting office staff by preparing documents, making photocopies, and performing other tasks as needed.
  6. Ensuring safety and security: Office boys may be responsible for ensuring that the office or workplace is safe and secure, locking doors and windows, and reporting any safety hazards or security issues.

Overall, office boys play an important role in supporting the smooth functioning of an office or workplace, performing a range of tasks and responsibilities to help ensure that the office is clean, organized, and running smoothly.

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