Now the revolution of ‘Artificial Emotional Intelligence’ is not far off

Leading scientists in futuristic technology have come up with a new form of artificial intelligence or AI called ‘Artificial Emotional Intelligence’ and the combination of Fioji communication technology could lead to a new revolution.

It is a system for recognizing emotions, but with its many uses, it can lead to many security issues. It will combine communication technology and AI, after which humans, machines, goods and equipment will be combined. After that, self-driving cars, smart drones and healthcare facilities will get a new angle.

Hyunboom Kim, a professor at the National University of Korea, says that FiveG will help people feel their body, face and touch. This will identify a speeding driver or a distressed pilot. Similarly, a person who is suicidal or very depressed can be identified.
If the driver of the vehicle suffers from any kind of fatigue, the car will immediately realize this and will be able to take full control of itself.

Professor Kim has also developed the Fioji VEMO system, which takes care of five types of emotions: happiness, fun, mildness, sadness and anger. Now a potential threat can be predicted by keeping information from different people in a database.

Now the other side of it is that thanks to FiveG, networks can be enabled so that they can self-assess their own flaws and hacking factors and report them to the central system.

In addition, FiveG will help make e-commerce, automation of daily routines and other aspects possible to a great extent. However, its main field will be human feelings and emotions.

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