Now feel the backpack load less and also make electricity

Carrying a large backpack is very painful, but an ingenious invention not only makes it weigh up to 20%, but even more so that the backpack generates some amount of electricity.

A backpack has been experimentally made at Tsinghua University in China, probably inspired by a double-stranded DNA form. This backpack features a flexible rope-like pulley system for bungee jumping. In this way, the weight of the walking bag is flexible and up and down, and from a distance it seems that the weight of the back of the person walking is suspended in the air. This reduces the feeling of weight.

So if you have 50 kg of luggage in the bag, it feels like 40 kg or maybe less because moving vertically can reduce the load strength by 22% and weight by 28%.
On the other hand, it is equipped with triboelectric nanogenerators that convert this slip into electricity. That is, 14% of the amount of energy used will be converted into electricity. Although a small amount, an LED light or an electric clock is enough to run.

It also has a commercial model with a battery installed and can store electricity. This way, it can be used for hiking in the mountains or in the event of a disaster.

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