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The world’s largest blood test, which will now identify more than 50 possible types of cancer, has begun in the UK, with 140,000 people taking part. The test is being conducted by the National Health Service (NHS).

This will help in detecting cancer even before the outward symptoms and save lives. This test is called Gallery Blood Test, which is also an effective test developed by Grill Inc. A blood test looks at a patient’s DNA. Cancer can be identified or predicted by a possible DNA defect. Early detection dramatically simplifies treatment and can save many lives.

Peter Cassini, a cancer prevention specialist at Kings College London, is reviewing the program. He says that after testing on 1.5 million people, it will be fully useful. Half of the 1.5 million people will undergo a gallery test.
Lung cancer is common in the UK, with gastric, prostate, and breast cancers accounting for 45% of all deaths. It is hoped that a single blood test will be enough to alert them, “said Professor Peter.

On the other hand, a gallery blood test is also being used in the United States.

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