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American experts say that if you are obese and want to lose weight, it is better for you to continue regular physical activity and exercise than dieting.

This was stated by Glenn Geiser of Arizona State University and Siddharth Angri of the University of Virginia in a report published online in the latest issue of the research journal Eye Science.

This review article reviews various research in the United States on the relationship between obesity, heart disease, and respiratory disease.
The analysis found that dieting alone did not do much good for weight loss, while obese people who exercised regularly and exercised regularly were healthier internally. They also have a significantly lower risk of heart, artery, and respiratory diseases.

It should be noted that today medical experts around the world disagree on obesity.

A group of experts says that those who are considered “obese” by weight are at high risk of heart and respiratory diseases.

In contrast, the second group of experts insists that being fat or thin is not everything, but more important is how much physical activity a person is doing daily (such as exercise, walking, etc.).

This means that “normal” weight-relaxed people can also suffer from heart and respiratory diseases (heart and respiratory diseases), even for “obese” people who walk miles daily or do regular standard exercise. This risk can be very small.

This analysis has been done in the same context which shows that people who do physical work to lose weight are more successful than those who try to lose weight only through dieting.

The analysis also confirmed that “seemingly obese” people who abstain from physical activity are internally healthy.

Following this analysis, experts emphasize that first of all we need to better explain “obesity” and its associated risks and risks, while on the other hand, more attention to obesity/weight loss exercise, walking. And the other kind should be on physical exertion because in this case, the role of dieting is much less.

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