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The Western Butterfly was once a popular butterfly and is thought to have lost 1.6 percent of its population every year since 1980.

According to a report published in the international scientific journal Science, 450 different species of butterflies have been surveyed and found that the population of Western monarch butterflies has decreased by 99.9 since 1980. “A few years ago, the population of monarch butterflies was in the millions, and now a total of 2,000 have been noted,” said research scientist Katie Prodick of the University of Arizona.

He thinks the Western Monarch butterflies are now on the verge of extinction. In addition, cabbage white and other types of butterflies are rapidly disappearing as their natural home (habitat) is being destroyed. In addition, the long-migrating West Coast Lady Butterflies are disappearing.
In this study, ordinary curious people, experts and scientists associated with butterflies have presented 40 years of data collected from western America. It also includes climate change and butterfly habitat and land. However, it also includes butterflies in densely populated Western Europe. But climate change is causing negative effects everywhere, and butterfly species are being severely affected by even the slightest heat.

The study said that the weather is increasing throughout the year, including spring. On the other hand, the average autumn temperature has risen in 230 cities in the United States. Although this increase is slightly higher than average, it is putting pressure on sensitive organisms such as butterflies, their development is affected and the process of hibernation is also affected. Then, due to climate change, their food and plants are also decreasing. For this reason, many species of butterflies are forced to migrate. For example, the Swallowtail Butterfly is 325 km away from its original habitat

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