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: Supreme Court rules on women’s inheritance

The Supreme Court ruled that women have to inherit right in their own lives. If women do not take their rights in life, their children cannot claim.

Justice Omar Ata Bandial remarked that the law protects the rights of women in inheritance, it remains to be seen what will happen if women give up their rights or do not claim.
The Supreme Court rejected the claim of the children of Peshawar resident women in Nana’s property. Isa Khan had transferred his property to his son Abdul Rehman in 1935 and had not given a share in the property to his two daughters. But the two sisters did not challenge the inheritance in their lives. However, after the death of the two women, their children filed a claim in Nana’s inheritance in 2004

The Civil Court had ruled in favor of the children but the Peshawar High Court quashed it and the Supreme Court upheld the decision of the High Court.

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