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WhatsApp offers audio and video calling for desktops. It was tested in the beta version of the WhatsApp four months ago in December. Now this facility has been gradually introduced to the whole world.

In this way, video and audio calls can be made to your friends from laptops and desktops, for which you have to keep the phone app running and the web version can be used for desktops. This feature is available for both Mac and Windows.

According to WhatsApp, the process has been tested for three to four months. The other option has been improved by removing all its flaws and now you have the facility so that you can take full advantage of it. This way, while working on the computer, you can make audio and video calls in the top window and talk to your friends.
However, keep in mind that only one person at a time can make an audio or video call. According to WhatsApp, the option of group video or audio call has not been introduced yet but this feature will be introduced soon.

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