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: Fruit peels have been used to make wound dressings. In this regard, the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) of Singapore has made a hydrogel from the peel of the famous fruit Dorian.

In Singapore and elsewhere, durian fruit is eaten with great relish and its peel accumulates in large numbers. Scientists dried the skin and turned it into cellulose powder. It was refrigerated and in the next step, it was mixed with glycerol into a soft hydrogel. Hydrogels are soft fluids filled with water and are widely used in medicine.

In Singapore alone, 12 million Durian fruits are eaten annually, although only a few of the 30 varieties can be eaten, the sweet custard-flavored fruit also has a strange smell. Large amounts of shells accumulate in the environment. Now medical bandages (bandages) have been made from its peels and even the pods, ”said Professor William of NTU.
The good news is that durian antibiotic bandages keep the sides of the wound cool and moist compared to conventional bandages. On the other hand, it is the best solution for expensive antibacterial bandages because they contain small amounts of metal compounds which can be very expensive.

Despite all this, its use on humans will be a long way off.

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