Foreign employees living in Saudi Arabia are attracted| A very important declaration

YouTube has promised to offer a number of features this year, a trend that continues to this day. In this context, YouTube has expanded its service to islands such as Malaysia, Kenya, French Guiana, French Polynesia, Gome, and the Northern Mariana Islands, where users can use options such as SuperThanks and SuperSticker to record their impressions.

In addition, real-time translations and donations to the online stream have been further improved. On the other hand, the option to translate consumer feedback is also being offered. So let’s mention SuperChat first.

The super chat option can be found in Cree Etransider. It presents chat reactions in the form of animated and animated cartoons or sketches. With the expansion of YouTube, this option now offered in 2019 has reached all over the world. However, SuperSticker is more commonly used in Live Streamer, but this option has to be activated.
With the SuperThanks option, you can also donate some money to help your favorite YouTuber live stream. Then Streamer from SuperThanks can instantly thank you. With this option, YouTube has made SuperThanks a way to monetize. Similarly, TikTak, Snapchat, and Twitter are also offering their own facilities.

But few people know that the option of donating to SuperThanks and Stream is an attempt to attract artists, singers, and other celebrities to YouTube so that they can come here to make some money and showcase their art. Even the biggest names in the art world are still on YouTube.

YouTube has now improved the hand-to-hand translation option in the mobile app, which offers live language translations in a variety of languages. In this way, people from different regions can understand each other’s impressions. Currently, this option is offered for Android phones.

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