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The U.S. military has released 2.8 million to make a cap that will not only monitor the brain’s performance during sleep but will also clean up the waste products that accumulate in the brain.

It should be noted that research so far has shown that while we are asleep, a natural system is also cleaning our brains.

The Pentagon has assigned scientists at Rice University in Houston, Texas, a special responsibility to further this research and improve the mental health of American soldiers on the battlefield.
Today we also know that magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) machines can not only capture images of the inner parts of the brain but also clean the brain with the magnetic force of these machines.

However, MRI machines are very heavy and use a lot of energy. That is why they face great difficulties in transporting and installing them from one place to another.

A team of Rice University scientists will develop a cap for the US military that is very light and soft.

Although it will not be an MRI machine, it will still be able to monitor the electromagnetic field in the brain and make changes to it that will help clear the brain of waste products.

The cap, also known as a “neuromodulation device”, will use several technologies simultaneously, including EEG, REG, OSG, TCD, TES, and LIFUP. Included.

In addition to this, the cap will also use artificial intelligence and adopt the most appropriate quick and automatic strategy keeping in mind the internal conditions of the brain.

In this regard, the press release of Rice University states that this hat will be useful not only for the soldiers but also for the general patients. Thanks to which they can be treated for neurological and mental illnesses during sleep.

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