Everything is Over! A Major U-Turn has Been Taken After Lifting Saudi Arabia’s Restrictions!

It has been more than a year since the Corona epidemic and now piles of plastic, as well as face masks, are polluting land and water around the world. But now a woman from the Netherlands has made a disposable face mask that if you press it into the soil instead of throwing it after use, flowers will grow there.

Famous Dutch painter Mariana de Groot Poons has her studio in the city of Al-Tarkhat. And they have created a face mask whose material dissolves rapidly after being pressed into the ground. The flower seeds inside it come out and if the right environment and soil are found then flowers start growing there.

Mariana also takes care of the environment in her designing and painting. Their oils are free of toxins and they also get canvas paper from recycled ingredients. Now they have made a code 19 mask by mixing some fibers in a paper fog. Thus it is completely biodegradable. On the other hand, they have planted fine flower seeds inside the mask layer.

In addition, they have made the cords of the mask from sheep wool instead of any synthetic material, which is completely environmentally friendly. Even the ink they put on the mask is completely eco-friendly.

They named the mask Marie B. Bloom, which is available in Germany as well as the Netherlands. The mask will soon be available for sale in other parts of the world.

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