Eat grapes and prevent skin burns

Grapes naturally contain chemicals that protect the skin from burns and prevent skin cancer. This was revealed after a survey published in the Journal of American Dermatology.

In this regard, it has been observed in humans that if the right amount of grapes is continued to be used, the process of scorching by ultraviolet (ultraviolet) rays in the sun is reduced and its damage at the cellular level can be reduced. Polyphenols, a valuable natural compound in grapes, are thought to be the cause.

In this regard, University of Alabama expert Craig Elmits fed two and a half cups of grape powder to various volunteers for 14 days. These people were accustomed to working in the sun and during this time the damage of ultraviolet rays on their face was examined. Similarly, the skin’s resistance to these rays was also noted. In medical terms, this process refers to the redness of the skin.
Two weeks after the end of the study, all participants underwent skin biopsies and were considered. It was found that those who used grapefruit juice had less burns and DNA damage at the DNA level than others. Similarly, the rate of death of skin cells was surprisingly low and the biomarkers that cause irritation did not grow.

It can be said that grapes protect the skin from sun damage on a very basic level and it has a magical effect. Similarly, it can be said that the use of grapes can also be helpful in preventing skin cancer because the damage caused by sun exposure on the skin is the basis of cancer.

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