Congratulations Pakistanis. The dollar has come down. Prime Minister Imran Khan has achieved the best.

In France, a pharmaceutical company has been fined 32 320 million and sentenced to life in prison for killing a diabetic due to the harmful effects of a weight loss drug.

According to the World News Agency, a French court has awarded 32 320 million to a leading company, Surveyor, for the deaths of hundreds of people suffering from heart and lung disease from the weight-loss drug “Mediator” for diabetics. In other words, a fine of 50 billion Pakistani rupees has been imposed.

Judge Salvi Tunes wrote in his ruling that although the company had known about the harmful dangers of the drug for many years, it had never taken the necessary precautions.
The court also fined the country’s drug regulatory authority دہ 3.6 million for selling substandard drugs in the public market for decades.

The court also sentenced two key company officials to three and four years in prison and a heavy fine, but the sentence was postponed indefinitely. The surveyor claimed to be unaware of the harmful effects of the drug.

Mediator, a weight loss drug for diabetics from the French multinational pharmaceutical company Surveyor, has been on the market worldwide for 33 years, during which time medical experts have prescribed the drug to about 300,000 people.

It is estimated that between 500 and 2,000 people have died from heart failure and lung disease since the drug was launched in 2009.

The first to draw attention to the side effects of the surveyor’s drug was the female pulmonologist, who raised her voice against the company at all levels, after which thousands of people filed lawsuits against the company in 2019.

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