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The image, which is rapidly going viral around the world, shows three large ships and cruise ships floating in the air above the water’s surface.

This scene is seen on Panton Beach in Devon in which the whole situation can be seen in one picture. Of course, it can be called a beautiful poster picture. It is as if ships are flying or hovering in the air.

According to experts, this is called a sea mirage-like visual deception which is technically called ‘FATA Morgana’. In Phatamorgana, when the temperature of the sea or the surface of the earth rises due to the heat of the sun, this difference causes the rays of light to turn and the water-like object in the desert or the boats on the sea appear to be floating in the air.

In this process, hot air is present on the surface of the cold air and the light coming from the ship becomes oblique and the ship looks high on the horizon. The seabirds in the front of the picture make the scene more real and beautiful.

According to some people, the epidemic of Code 19 has stopped the movement of ships in Britain and maybe all these ships are anchored in the sea.

Another similar photo was taken last year showing a red ship floating in the air off the coast of Aberdeenshire.

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