Climate change; One-third of the deaths were attributed to extreme heat

Global warming has now become a common metaphor. Modern research has revealed that 37% of all deaths due to rising temperatures in the last three decades are due to climate change, which has now engulfed the entire world through human activities.

This study proves that climate change has long been the cause of heatwaves and is demanding tribute to human lives. Although its effects have been observed in every continent of the world, recent research sheds more light on it and in this regard heat death maps have been made all over the world.

The study was conducted by Antonio Jasprani, a professor at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, and his colleagues. The effects of climate change are no longer just a matter of the future. Rather, it is before our eyes and we are seeing its negative effects.
According to the study, Central and South African countries such as Guatemala and Colombia, the Middle East and Iran have the highest summer intensity rates at 50 percent, and the Philippines and Southeast Asia. However, in the United States, Canada and Europe, the rate is very low.

In their research, scientists surveyed 43 countries between 1991 and 2018. A computer model was developed for this, which did not include the 1.1 degree Celsius increase in global warming that was proposed in other models. Given this difference, real-world warming has been studied.

Thus, a total of 732 places were affected by heat waves and the risk of death. For example, if the temperature rises in Johannesburg, the exact same temperature can cause more deaths in Berlin and less deaths in Johannesburg. Experts also took this aspect into account.

Another researcher not affiliated with the study, Chloe Bermicomb, of the University of Reading, says the study gives us a glimpse into the heat waves that occur today in the mirror of the past. If greenhouse gas emissions had been stopped in the past, the situation would have been slightly different today. However, he believes that as research shows that 9702 people are dying from climate change every year, their number may be reduced. This is because the research covers only the four warmest months in each country. However, there are many countries in the world where heatwaves can occur at any time of the year and these include many countries in the tropics.

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