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Modern research has shown that certain vitamins and nutrients can speed up wound healing. But diabetes and heart disease and certain types of cancer can be obstacles.

Similarly, after surgery and deep wounds, some vegetables, nutrients and minerals can be used to help. Many research papers have been written in this regard which have also been discussed by nutritionists. The main point of the research is that there are some types of wounds that do not benefit from a normal diet. Evidence of this can be found in traditional medicine and wisdom, which have been strengthened by years of experience.

A similar medical drink is Jivon, which is drunk and drunk to heal wounds. In this way, we cannot ignore the medical uses of food in wound healing. An important component found in meat, pulses and dried fruits is arginine, which increases blood circulation and provides protein. As blood flow increases, nutrients also accumulate on the wound, trying to heal it.
Similarly, fish, spinach, poultry, beans and cabbage are rich in glutamine. It stimulates the immune system to grow new tissues. Similarly, collagen-containing foods can be helpful in wound healing. In addition, zinc, vitamins C, E and B12 play an important role in wound healing.

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